Beyond the Guilded Frame

FFACSpringShow2019 FrontInviteFirnew Farm’s 16th Annual Spring Art & Photography show will be held on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 from 1-5 PM. 

Over 90 pieces of artwork by 35 local and regional artists will be on display and for sale. We will feature two- and three-dimensional artwork in the Barn Gallery. Our Silo installation will provide educational information from The Socrates Project: Poisonous Plants in Virginia and original Firnew artwork inspired by the project.

Music by Toni Clare

3:00 p.m. Tucker Hill Scholarship Presentation

Firnew Barn Gallery, 19 Wolftown-Hood Road, Hood, VA 22723

–Trish Crowe

Prospectus Jargon

okay for showWhat’s a substrate? Why can’t I paint on canvas? What’s wrong with no mat? Why all this mess about ‘under cover’? Can I just paint on mirror?

Yes, these are questions you might have as you read a prospectus for an art show. Understanding the terms and the intent of the show can help you decide if this event is a good match for your work at this time.

For as long as it’s been having an Annual Show, our CVWG has held to some ‘rules’ or ‘standards’ to provide both consistently in display and a “level” playing field, so to speak, for artist who enter our show. The requirement of a standard light mat and the use of a simple frame give a visual consistency to the work when hung in for viewing. At McGuffey, the team works hard to make the paintings look consistent by centering all the paintings on a single “eye” line and using invisible fishing line which make the hanging process fairly invisible.

Since 1992, we have used the language “water media” in our prospectus and allowed the use of acrylics. We decided then to maintain the “water” roots of our organization and not accept oil or canvas. Perhaps the next generation of painters who manage our annual exhibition will change these restrictions, but for now, these are the “rules” we expect all to follow. “Under cover” means put Plexiglas (not glass) over your painting that you have matted in a light mat. Plexiglas is lighter and less dangerous if it breaks but one must take care that it not be scratched.

And last, the surface you paint for our show must be paper, and we will accept synthetic paper like Yupo. Another word for that surface is ‘substrate.’ It’s a fun word to use. You’ll sound as authentic as an artist, especially when asked, “What medium and substrate do you use?”

Keep painting. The deadline for entry is approaching! It’s May 4!

Pam Roland, Annual Exhibit Chairman

Call for Entries

Call for Entries
Click to download 2019 Prospectus

The Annual Exhibition had been “produced” for Virginia artists, age 18 and older, since the guild began in 1991. And because this is my last year with this project, I thought I’d explain a bit more about what goes into this activity in hopes of inspiring someone to step up, develop their team, and continue this classic event that supports one of the key goals of the organization: to promote the highest level of excellence in the use of water-media.

The process basically involves three phases or steps and we are beginning that first stage now: Call for Artists. This year’s prospectus (or “rules”) has been reviewed, refreshed, re-evaluated by the team, Bill Snow, Adella Langham, Mary Ann Friedman and me. We’ve updated the gmail account where you send your electronic entry and added information on our juror as well as a few other small changes. The deadline for electronic entries with your paper copy and check for $35 is due Saturday, May 4. This year’s work must be on paper or synthetic paper (aka ‘yupo’) and completed since January 1, 2016.  You will receive results by June 29 and our show opens at McGuffey Art Center on Friday, September 6.

Entering can be a bit difficult for those of us not as savvy as others with electronics, computers and cell phone pictures. To help you, our team will have a HELP table before the next two meetings.Come early with your questions and concerns. We can even help you submit your entry. Nothing will be printed this year as we have in the past, but I will bring paper copies over the next two months for those of you without printers.

After the electronic entries are received, we prepare a thumbdrive to send our juror who decides who will be in the show. That’s why it’s critical you follow our guidance for good imagery to submit. Stay tuned. Next time, I’ll tell you more about phase two when we receive the paintings and what happens next.

Save the date: Friday, September 6. If someone steps up to manage the reception, we will have that in the lobby of McGuffey after the Juror’s Talk at 4:30 that day.

–Pam Roland

Lara Call Gastinger

Lara Gastinger PresentationThank you to our February program presenter, Lara Call Gastinger. Lara shared her wealth of information on the art of botanical documentation.

To quote Mary Oliver:

“Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Lara recommends we spend as much of it as possible enjoying our natural surroundings.

–Brenda Hounshell

Combining Camaraderie with Creativity