Here Comes Summer!!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found online at

With Spring 2022– seemingly a cooler and wetter spring than normal?– mostly behind us, we can now prepare for the coming summer heat!

May’s Workshop was a Success!

Our May 23 member meeting featured a half-day workshop by artist Robin Poteet entitled “Preserving Whites and Demystifying Shadow“. The program was organized by member-artist Karen Schwenzer, our Vice President and Director of Programs.

Two of our member-artists sent in their personal observations and photos:

Having “white” in our art is extremely important when painting with watercolor but it can be difficult to achieve. Robin gave three methods: use the white of the paper, use masking fluid or frisket, or use white gouache. Robin demonstrated all three methods and gave us pointers as she painted using the reference photos.

After the demonstration we had a short lunch break and them we all painted. We could us the pictures Karen sent or any other picture we brought. Robin came around to all the tables and gave pointers to each of us.

The last part of the class was a critique. We spread all the paintings on her table and she critiqued each one, giving us individual pointers as to what we did right or wrong.

Thanks to Karen for organizing this marvelous workshop filled with creativity and camaraderie.

Member-artist Patty Richmond

We had a great workshop in May! Robin Poteet made a good presentation/demonstration on “Saving the Whites” and “Making Dark Darks”. Then she came around to each table, encouraging us to try the different techniques. She ended by reviewing a piece of art from each attendee and asking the questions “What did you learn?” and “What would you do differently next time?”

Member-Artist Rosemary Connelly

Our Next Guild Meeting is June 27

A reminder that we are back to our monthly in-person meetings. Our next meeting is on June 27 with a program by member-artist Peg Sheridan entitled “Creating Water Features In Your Paintings” and our Challenge! theme is “A Faraway Place“. We meet at 12:30 PM for social time, start our business meeting by 1:00 PM, begin the program by 1:30 PM, and end around 3:00 PM. Members and guests are welcome!!

You can find details for our entire 2022 lineup along with location details and a map on our Meetings & Programs web page.

CVWG’s Courthouse Exhibit is Changing on June 20

A reminder that our Courthouse Exhibit team is changing out the paintings on June 20. Drop off/pick up 10 am to 11am on the East Jefferson side of the courthouse. Linda Abbey is one of our Directors for these exhibits; contact her for information. Further guidance is provided on our Ongoing Courthouse Exhibits page.

Louisa Arts Center Exhibition

Nicole Copeland, of the Louisa Arts Center ( sent us notice of their current exhibit, “In Space and Time“.

Calendar of Events

June 10, 6-8 PM: Opening Reception

July 15: Show Closes

Soon-to-be-Member News

All of you must be busy painting as we have not heard from any member-artists these past few weeks! Please keep feeding us your news.

We have a new artist in our area. Catherine Hillis writes:

Greetings! I’m a nationally awarded watercolorist and recently moved to Locust Grove, VA. I’ve been working in the national plein air circuit for several years and have earned 8 national signatures throughout the country for my studio work.

I’m going to be teaching classes in the Fredericksburg area beginning this summer. I’m offering both online and in person. My website is and workshop information is at

We’d Love to Hear From You!

Drop our CVWG Webmaster an email to let everyone know what you are doing and how your artist journey is progressing.

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