Challenge! Painting Topics

JanuaryA Portrait you want to paint
FebruaryWind, rain, snow…all are one
MarchA Building near where you live
MayThe Shoes that take you places and you wearing them
JuneA Faraway Place you want to visit
JulyYour Favorite Flowers in a vase 
AugustSurprise– Alternate Media such as ink, oils. colored pencils, acrylics, etc.
SeptemberOur Pet Companion(s)
October(Little) Children

How It Works

  • Above is a list of the monthly Challenge! themes for this year.
  • Each month, we invite you to create a new and unique piece of art tied to that month’s theme.
  • Bring your art to the monthly meeting…no framing is needed
  • We invite all Friends and Followers to participate.
  • At the member meeting, our host will invite all Challenge! artists to the front of the room and will give the artist an opportunity to talk briefly about the work, inspiration, etc.
  • The host will allow interactions with the artists as time allows and there are always opportunities for sideline discussions.

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