Remembering Troy Weidenheimer

It is with sadness to tell you that Troy Weidenheimer passed away in September after a long battle with cancer.  Troy was kind enough to do a workshop for us last fall despite his failing health.  Not only did we learn a lot about art from him, but much about his life as a modern Renaissance man who studied science, was a speech writer, and played and taught music professionally, even becoming friends with the famed Jerry Garcia.

He was a kind, intelligent and talented man that will be missed by many.

One thought on “Remembering Troy Weidenheimer”

  1. I loved Troy Weidenheimer.
    He was my brother-in-law in 1962+. Troy lived with us in Los Trancos Woods, Portola Valley, CA. He made life fun for me, a third-grader. Troy was always up to something creative and hilarious. I’ll never forget those long legs, white socks and penny loafers. When they got divorced, I would’ve gladly kept Troy instead of my sister, Sharon.💖


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