Happy New Year 2023!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found online at www.CVWG.art.

Activities and Programs for 2023

Despite the Guild having ended 2022 in November with our final meeting and potluck luncheon– see more about this, below– your 2023 Guild Leaders have been busy preparing for the new year. Our website (www.CVWG.art) has been updated with the set of Meetings & Programs, the monthly Challenge! paintings, some early information about a Half-Day Workshop and a Guild Exhibition, an update on our Video Library, and other information for you to bookmark and refer back to throughout the year. As is our practice, we will post updates to those pages as new information is available or changes happen, send out a blog posting such as this at least monthly, send targeted emails to all members, etc.

As always, you can email our Guild Webmaster, Mark Fitzpatrick, at cvwgwebmaster@gmail.com or any of our Guild leaders using their email on our 2023 Leaders page.

January 23 Meeting and Program

CVWG’s next member meeting, the first for 2023, is set for Monday, January 23. Member artist William (Bill) Snow will share his experience and recommendations for “Presenting and Marketing Your Art”. The Challenge! theme for the meeting is “Winter Wonderland“. See our Member Meetings & Programs page for details.

Reminder: Renew Your Guild Membership or Join

With the new year, it is time to renew your annual membership to CVWG. Or, if you are a guest and interested in joining, now is the best time to take advantage of our 2023 offerings. 2023 membership:

  • Our annual dues is $35 for renewals and new members.
  • Our website is now enabled to accept membership online. You can enroll and pay by credit or debit card entirely online avoiding postage costs and the hassle of mailing it to us. Look for the Join/Renew CVWG Online link at the top left of all of our webpages. We have prepared the detailed guide, below, if you should need it.
  • Or you can renew using USPS mail. Look for the Join/Renew CVWG by Mail link in the left menu area of all of our pages.

Feel free to contact CVWG’s Treasurer, Robin Kuzen, for joining or renewing your membership.

November’s Potluck Luncheon

Our final meeting for 2022 was our annal Potluck Luncheon. Says member artist Patty Richmond,

CVWG’s last meeting was a huge success with about 40 members sharing delicious food and friendly conversation. (camaraderie.) Our outgoing President, Dona Koutrakos, brought many old photo albums so members had a chance to view pictures from the previous 25 years of our the Guild.

Christine Rich will store them in her home and promises to bring them out each year for the luncheon for all to reminisce about.

Our president gave gifts to all the 2022 officers and announced the speaker for our next meeting. One of our member William Snow will explain ways to from our paintings.

Updating Our Member Gallery…A 2023 Focus

Continuing the initiative started in October, your Webmaster is asking you to contribute art to our Member Gallery. Since COVID struck in 2020, we have all been a bit remiss in updating that page.

Regardless of whether you already have art displayed there, please send a recent piece so your artist friends can see how you/ve progressed. Send all art to CVWG Webmaster, Mark Fitzpatrick.

The nice painting at the top of this post is by Robin Kuzen. A drawing of her’s is also shown, below.

Member News

My time in December got away from me and I am late in getting news out from member artist Chee Kludt Rickets:

I have a class coming in January titled “Creating Exciting and Effective Compositions in Watercolor”. Registration is limited so, if interested, get in touch with me ASAP. Both classes are on Zoom. (A nice benefit is that Mary Ann Friedman, who has recently moved, will be joining us, so CVWG members can “visit” with her through the class.)

Chee has agreed to be CVWG’s Program Leader for our February 2023 Program, “Painting on Yupo“.

Upon Reflection II by Chee Kludt Rickets

We’d Love to Hear From You!

Drop our CVWG Webmaster an email to let everyone know what you are doing and how your artistic journey is progressing.

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