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Good Riddance, 2020! Welcome 2021!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found on the web at

A Message from Our 2021 Guild President

2020 has been a crazy difficult year that I am looking forward to putting behind us. But it does give us the opportunity to count our blessings and show appreciation to all those who helped make it happen.

Thanks to all of our members for hanging in there, to all our Board members for their work this year, for Mark for helping us with our meetings on Zoom, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank President Linda Verhagen for the fantastic job she did leading us through the last 2 years.

So as we bid 2020 a farewell I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season and here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2021!

Donna Koutrakos

Early Results of Our Survey

We have closed the Survey Monkey poll that we started just before Thanksgiving. In the four weeks it was open, we had 49 respondents sharing their views and perspectives. The full results are being reviewed by our Board of Directors to influence what programs and offerings we attempt this coming year. Some key findings that your responses are providing our Directors:

  • Only 12 responders would consider attending Guild meetings in a face-to-face environment;
  • Online exhibition(s) and monthly Challenge(s) are a popular idea supported by about 70% of respondents…read on!
  • Of various online meeting apps, our responders were familiar with more than 8 different ones with Zoom being the single most familiar tool.

Our Board will meet again in early January 2021 so look for more feedback as we enter the new year. Thanks, again, to all our responders as this really helps our Board understand your ideas, perspectives, and desires for our Guild!

Early Call for Artists– A 2021 CVWG Exhibit

Central Virginia Watercolor Guild has been accepted to provide an exhibition of our members’ art at The Center in Charlottesville. The exhibit will run for approximately two months starting May 3 until June 30. This exhibit is open to all members and there is room for 42-48 paintings depending on the size. Details and the submittal timeline for this exhibit will be forthcoming in early 2021 but matting, framing, and identification marking will be similar to our non-juried Courthouse shows. A new web page has been added to this site to share information and guidance at this link:

Our Monthly Challenge is Returning by Zoom!

Given your responses on our survey, a couple of Directors and Volunteers are in early planning to resume our monthly Challenge paintings. Look for details in January but here is an overview:

  • We will hold our Challenge “meetings” by Zoom at our regular monthly meeting day and time, the 4th Monday of every month at 1:00 PM.
  • We’ll post the monthly Challenge themes on our web site and via this blog;
  • Artists are free to paint anything remotely related to the monthly theme;
  • Artists will take a photo of their painting using their phone or tablet device and email it to our CVWG Webmaster, Mark Fitzpatrick ( by each months’ deadline, generally the Friday before our Monday Zoom meeting;
  • All paintings will be posted on our web site;
  • All interested artists will be sent a Zoom meeting invitation;
  • Our host will convene the Zoom meeting then share each painting in full-screen color for all attendees to see. Each artist will be given 2-3 minutes to discuss their muse, their technique, or any other aspect of their painting.
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions and engage with each other after each painting is presented.

Let’s all shake off our COVID and mid-winter blues and get painting!

Member News

Only one member has shared any information with us since our last blog. As always, we are very interest in hearing about any news, reviews, interesting online tutorials, or other information we can share with each other. Send all input to our CVWG Webmaster.

Member Peg Sheridan sends the following updates:

  • I’m looking forward to offering a Zoom class through Beverley Street Studio School.
  • My painting “Late Evening on the Cowpasture River”, which won Best Watercolor in the August “Plein Air Salon” is in the December-January issue of Plein Air Magazine.
  • I had two featured artist shows in November, at CoArt Gallery in Staunton, and at 7 East Gallery in Woodstock.
  • I am keeping my mind and body active during this time. Painting certainly helps my outlook! I have taken a 2-hour online class in gouache from Manon Sander, which was really fun! I am also taking a 4-week online watercolor class from Vermont watercolorist Tony Conner.
  • More information is always available on her website and Facebook pages.

Early Fall Update

Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is online at

Two Calls for Artists

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Wants Your Art!

Member Matalie Dean kindly forwarded the following Call for Artists:

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Art Committee is looking for artists to exhibit at the hospital’s gallery during 2021.  If you are interested in applying contact for an application which will explain the simple process.    

They are very interested in our member artists participating.

Arts in the Middle Juried Fine Arts Festival 

Member (Janice) Bunny Creasy wants all of us to be aware of the next Arts in the Middle 7th annual arts festival. While the festival is not until early June 2021, they have issued a Save the Date/Call for Artists which you can view at this link: In the middle of that page, you should find an Info for Artists link to get all the details for entering your art.

With some luck and good public health stewardship, we might be emerging from the worst of the COVID-related restrictions so this could be a great venue for us all.

Read About Edith Arbaugh, a Member and Friend from Our Past

Our long time members should remember Edith Arbaugh, one of the founders of our Guild, a longtime member, and well known for her art throughout the Central Virginia area. Our ever-astute Guild President, Linda Verhagen, found the following link in a newsletter article about Edith from Juniper Village at Brookline in State College, PA where Edith now resides. Read about Edith at this link:

CVWG’s Small Works Exhibition Closes

CVWG’s Small Works Exhibit at the Crozet Artisan Depot closed at the end of September. It was well attended with members Rosemary Connelly and Chee Ricketts successfully selling their art. Thanks, again, to all CVWG artists who participated in this show.

As this show has closed, we have removed the earlier posts and web pages about it. If you want to view those, follow this link.

Member News

Member Don Whitson has great news to share:

I’m thrilled that I’ve been juried into the 41st Annual Virginia Watercolor Society Exhibition. October 31-December 31, to be held at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, Richmond, VA. My thanks to the Juror– Frederick Graff AWS, NWS, TWSA– for selecting my painting.

Peg Sheridan Awarded “Best Watercolor”

 Plein Air magazine has awarded their “Best Watercolor” to CVWG member and professional artist, Peg Sheridan, in their August Salon competition. A larger view of her painting is show at the top of this post.

Says Peg”

I am so honored and excited to receive this award! This painting was purchased by Blue Ridge Community College, and is in their student union building. 

Be sure to check out Peg’s workshops and other events on her website at

Email Us Your News

We are always looking for our member artists to send information about your art, your muses, mentors who inspire you, any travel painting you may be fortunate to enjoy in these strange times, etc. We are always looking for anyone who might be willing to be profiled in the next installment of our Featured Member Artist series. Email our webmaster with photos of your art.

Welcome, April!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild can now be found on the web at

“Blue Over You” by Deb Prum

Featuring Member Artist Deb Prum

Member Deb Prum generously shares her art, a bit of her biography, and her fascination with water media in our latest installment of our Featured Member Artist series. Find our page using our site’s left hand menu bar or click here. Also, check out Deb’s personal website at

Call for Entries to CVWG’s Small Works Exhibit

Our Guild President, Linda Verhagen, has issued our Call for Entries to the Guild’s Small Works Exhibit being hosted by the Crozet Artisans Depot in Crozet, VA this September. Read the Call for Entries at this link or the left-side menu button on this site. The first 28 members who email Linda will be entered so we urge you to contact her now.

Resources From Our Members

Member Chee Ricketts sent us this to be shared:


 It is important to know their composition, just as in making the distinction between media, such as watercolor vs. oil. All of these media are composed of pigment/binder/solvent.

 Oils: pigment/ binder is Linseed Oil/ solvent is turpentine or Gamsol
 Watercolor: pigment/ binder is Gum Arabic/ solvent is water Therefore, the distinction between colored pencils and watercolor pencils is in the binder and solvent

 Colored pencils: pigment/ binder is wax or vegetable oil and the solvent is can be alcohol or turpentine (I used wax based colored pencils with my high school students and we used alcohol as the solvent) (safer than turps)

 Watercolor pencils: the binder can be Gum Arabic or water-soluble oils and the solvent is water.

 When purchasing supplies, members should then look for the TYPE of pencil that is selected. Colored pencils will say something like “rich, creamy texture” and “moisture proof” and Watercolor pencils must say “water soluble” or “Create a wide range of effects when coloring with water and brush”.

 If a member uses watercolor pencils in a watercolor painting, that is appropriate and it is still considered a watercolor. If a member uses regular colored pencils in a watercolor, then the designation is a “Mixed Media” painting rather than a watercolor.

Past member Donna Brune emailed us to share news that professional artist and past CVWG workshop instructor Tom Lynch will be hosting a ‘FREE’ LIVE Demo next Saturday, April 11, at 2:00 PM CDT (3:00 PM EDT).

I have taken several workshops with Tom over the years and I thought members might be interested in watching Tom Lynch’s video next Sat., April 11.  Several years ago Tom did a workshop for the guild that was well attended and quite lively. 

Donna Brune

Instead of replicating his full announcement, you can view Tom’s notification by visiting his website or by clicking on this link.

Please contact Donna to thank her for the suggestion and to reconnect with her.

This past Thursday, April 2, I received a notice from Strathmore Artist Papers of a same-day Instagram Live Art Night. The workshop featured artist Shelley Kim painting a wreath. You can read Strathmore’s announcement by clicking on this link. Strathmore also posted a full tutorial and video of Shelley’s work you can view at this link.

I have featured Strathmore Artist Papers before for an online workshop. They are generous as a resource but, of course, they are selling products. Still, please consider signing up for their free newsletters and to get immediate notice for such sessions.

I send you my blessings and best wishes for continued health. I hope you are taking better advantage of the “stay indoors” mandates to work on your art than myself.

Louisa Arts Center Invitation

Our friends at the Louisa Arts Center have sent us information relating to their next open arts show, The Show of Shows:

Please see the attached entry form for our next open show.  Please read the directions carefully.  There is now a limit of 3 entries per artist.  Please note on your entry blank when dropping off which category you are interested in. 

The Louisa Arts Center’s Gallery Committee

You can download their Entry Form from this link and follow their guidance to submit your entries.

The Louisa Arts Center is located at 212 Fredericksburg Ave in Louisa, VA. Use this map to visit them:

Their Mission:

ENRICH, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE! The mission of the Louisa Arts Center is to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the arts for both youth and adults.  Our aim is to broaden involvement and access to the arts through diversity, interpretive ability and interactive creativity.

Louisa Arts Center

Martha Jefferson Rotating Art Program

Did you know Martha Jefferson Hospital has a rotating art program? We would love for the CVWG members to know that we are here and willing to take applications. We rotate the shows every 2 months.

The wonderful aspect of the MJH hanging space is that there are three venues, where you can hang up to 14 medium paintings, or as few as 5.

Download the Call to Artists by clicking here: MJH call for artists, 2019-20

If people have difficulty with the application then they may contact me, CVWG member Matalie Deane, at or 434-981-4232.

Prospectus Jargon

okay for showWhat’s a substrate? Why can’t I paint on canvas? What’s wrong with no mat? Why all this mess about ‘under cover’? Can I just paint on mirror?

Yes, these are questions you might have as you read a prospectus for an art show. Understanding the terms and the intent of the show can help you decide if this event is a good match for your work at this time.

For as long as it’s been having an Annual Show, our CVWG has held to some ‘rules’ or ‘standards’ to provide both consistently in display and a “level” playing field, so to speak, for artist who enter our show. The requirement of a standard light mat and the use of a simple frame give a visual consistency to the work when hung in for viewing. At McGuffey, the team works hard to make the paintings look consistent by centering all the paintings on a single “eye” line and using invisible fishing line which make the hanging process fairly invisible.

Since 1992, we have used the language “water media” in our prospectus and allowed the use of acrylics. We decided then to maintain the “water” roots of our organization and not accept oil or canvas. Perhaps the next generation of painters who manage our annual exhibition will change these restrictions, but for now, these are the “rules” we expect all to follow. “Under cover” means put Plexiglas (not glass) over your painting that you have matted in a light mat. Plexiglas is lighter and less dangerous if it breaks but one must take care that it not be scratched.

And last, the surface you paint for our show must be paper, and we will accept synthetic paper like Yupo. Another word for that surface is ‘substrate.’ It’s a fun word to use. You’ll sound as authentic as an artist, especially when asked, “What medium and substrate do you use?”

Keep painting. The deadline for entry is approaching! It’s May 4!

Pam Roland, Annual Exhibit Chairman