A New Look for Our Guild

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found online at www.CVWG.art.

Check Out Our New Look!

Many of you might recall that the Guild formed a Publicity Committee last year to review our logo, branding, and other matters and update how our Guild presents itself to our communities. That Publicity Committee was completing its work for our printed media just as COVID-19 took over and forced restrictions.

At the end of 2020, several Directors– representing our Publicity Committee, Website, Membership, and Leadership– restarted the work to modernize our web presence. In the past few weeks, we have built a temporary test website and tested different logos, backdrops, color schemes, etc. In addition, a new streamlined use of menus on our website makes it easier to navigate, especially with mobile devices which are quickly dominating our society.

The resulting header image is shown above and is now “live” on our website. Check it our on http://www.cvwg.art.

A special Thank You! to members Bill Snow for his original art for our logo, Mary Spear for her leadership on the Publicity Committee, Linda Verhagen for her original art used as our backdrop, Rosemary Connelly for her help with redesign of the menus, Donna Koutrakos for her current leadership of the Guild, and our Board and all our members who helped in many ways!

Last Call if You Need Help Using Zoom

This is the last notice that our CVWG Webmaster, Mark Fitzpatrick, is planning to host a “CVWG Test Meeting by Zoom” where you can join, get some pointers, ask your questions, and get any tutoring you might want in using this increasingly popular “app”. This meeting will be set up in coming few days. You have to take the action to send an email to Mark to be included in this special session.

Reminder: Call for Artists– CVWG’s Exhibit at The Center

Member and Past President, Linda Verhagen, is leading our efforts to show members’ artworks at The Center in Charlottesville in May through end of June, 2021. Entry for this show is open so contact Linda to enter your work. Our webpage for that exhibit has been updated so please check out that page for latest details.

Member News

We are glad to see that member-artist Bill Snow is getting recognition beyond our Guild and within the neighboring communities. The Fluvanna Review newspaper published, back in mid-autumn time frame, a very nice article about Bill. You can read the article at this link. A special Thank You! to our ever-alert member Bunny Creasy for seeing this and sending us the notice.

Please Share Your Activities!

We invite you to share any aspect of the artistic “you” with us…activities, muses, workshops, travel, etc. We are also always looking for ways to feature our member artists’ work and invite you to be featured in one of our periodic Featured Member Artist profiles. Simply contact the CVWG Webmaster.

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