January Challenge Was a Huge Success!!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found online at www.CVWG.art.

A Great First Challenge! of 2021!

CVWG had a fantastic (re)start of our Challenge! program. Nineteen (19) paintings from 18 member-artists were submitted on subjects ranging from figure studies, landscapes, still life studies, and fantasy related to our theme, “A New Year for All”. The image at the top of this page was also part of our Challenge! titled “Celebration” by member Jane Matthews.

Please spend a few minutes to step through a slide show, below, to see what your fellow Guild members accomplished!

On Monday, January 25, at least 29 Guild members joined in on a virtual “CVWG Art Show on Zoom” of these paintings. Each artist was allowed 1-3 minutes to talk about their painting, their muse(s), their approach, the paints and media they used, and any other topic of their choosing.

Thank you all for the great meeting yesterday. The art work was creative and fun to see. Glad we were able to see some of the members and know we are doing well. Look forward to the next one!

Mary Ann Friedman

The Zoom online video conferencing app somewhat hampered a free discussion but we are working to improve for February. Please plan to join us for the February Challenge! Art Show by Zoom:

  • February’s theme is “Faith“;
    • What does it mean to you?
    • Not (necessarily) religion or religious;
    • Think about all the ways you have faith…families, loved ones, etc.
  • Send a photo of your creation along with title to CVWG’s Webmaster by the entry deadline of Friday, February 19;
  • Join the “Challenge! by Zoom” meeting on Monday, February 22 where the works will be shared in full-screen and the artists will share their “stories”.
  • All Guild members will get an invitation to the Challenge! by Zoom” meeting on Monday morning. Friends and Followers of our Guild are welcome to show your painting and/or attend our Zoom meeting but you must send an email to our CVWG Webmaster to be included.

CVWG’s Challenge! program is discussed further on our Challenge! web page.

Do You Need Help Using Zoom?

Some of our Guild members had difficulties in joining our Zoom meeting, issues with audio, and other matters that (we hope) should be easy to fix. Our CVWG Webmaster (and resident techno-geek) is planning one (or maybe more depending on number of interested members) a “CVWG Test Meeting by Zoom” where you can join, get some pointers, ask your questions, and get any tutoring you might want. This meeting will be set up for early February. You have to take the action to send an email to our CVWG Webmaster to be included in this special session.

Reminder: Call for Artists– CVWG’s Exhibit at The Center

Member and Past President, Linda Verhagen, is leading our efforts to show members’ artworks at The Center in Charlottesville in May through end of June, 2021. Entry for this show is open so contact Linda to enter your work. Our webpage for that exhibit has been updated so please check out that page for latest details.

Member News

Member Susan Rosen sends the following information about a free workshop:

There is a free workshop with an artist I have studied with for three years.  He is generous and a great teacher and people who study with him advance so much in their art practice.  I have taken his extended 12-week course twice and will take it again this year. The free workshop begins on February 15.  The link below will get you there!

Member Chee Ricketts emailed the following news:

After a long absence from teaching, I began working with adults again last fall through OLLI. Due to concerns about the virus, the class was taught online on Zoom. I hauled all of my equipment from my Greene County studio to the OLLI conference room in Charlottesville and taught there with the technical support  of the two amazing OLLI staff members, Tay Strauss and Steve Bevins.

When the class concluded, several of my students asked me to continue with online teaching. As a result, I have set up a space in my home studio and it seems to be working well. My eight watercolor students are incredibly good-natured and patient with me as I navigate between PowerPoint, screen sharing, and my webcam.  I’ve attached a photograph of my space, complete with my faithful studio cat, Harvey, who insists that my chair is HIS

Strathmore Online Workshops Return for 2021

Strathmore, known for their artists papers, is again offering a series of 4 free online workshops this year. The workshops cover a range of topics– watercolor and gouache, mixed media, drawing, and oil painting– so we hope you might find one or two of interest. Follow this web link to their workshops page: https://www.strathmoreartiststudio.com/.

Please Share Your Activities!

We invite you to share any aspect of the artistic “you” with us…activities, muses, workshops, travel, etc. We are also always looking for ways to feature our member artists’ work and invite you to be featured in one of our periodic Featured Member Artist profiles. Simply contact the CVWG Webmaster.

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