Less Than 1 Week Until Challenge! Returns!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild is found online at www.CVWG.art.

Challenge! Deadline Is This Friday, Jan 22

One final reminder that your Guild is (re)starting our monthly Challenge! and there is less than a week to get your painting entered. You can read about this activity on our Challenge!2021 webpage including the monthly themes, entry deadlines, and Zoom Meeting dates. Again, a special Thank You to two longtime CVWG members and directors Bunny Creasy and Carolyn Belt, the Challenge! for leading this.

We remind you:

  • January’s theme is “New Year for All“;
  • Send a photo of your creation along with title to CVWG’s Webmaster by the entry deadline this Friday, January 22;
  • We will hold a “Challenge! by Zoom” meeting next Monday, January 25 where the works will be shared in full-screen and the artists will share their “stories”.
  • All Guild members will get an invitation to the Challenge! by Zoom” meeting on Monday morning. Friends and Followers of our Guild are welcome to show your painting and/or attend our Zoom meeting but you must send an email to our CVWG Webmaster to be included.

Call for Artists– CVWG’s Exhibit at The Center

Member and Past President, Linda Verhagen, is leading our efforts to show members’ artworks at The Center in Charlottesville in May through end of June, 2021. Entry for this show is open so contact Linda to enter your work. Our webpage for that exhibit has been updated so please check out that page for latest details.

Member News

Member Karen Schwenzer emails:

For many years I’ve been doing travel journals   And I did one for the only trip I took in 2020 -February in Zanzibar and the Seychelles. I then started a series of sketch books and watercolor journals for the entire year. I always had one or both with me. I attach a selection of what I’ve been doing in my isolation. 

The image at the top of this post is also Karen’s.

Please Share Your Activities!

We invite you to share any aspect of the artistic “you” with us…activities, muses, workshops, travel, etc. We are also always looking for ways to feature our member artists’ work and invite you to be featured in one of our periodic Featured Member Artist profiles. Simply contact the CVWG Webmaster.

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